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How to Setup WP Courses

Recommended Setup

This setup is easy and provides a modern user interface where content is loaded without refreshing pages.

  1. Make a new page called something like “Courses.”
  2. Paste the following shortcode in the page: [wpc_courses]
  3. Create a link to that page by going to appearance->menus.

Classic Setup Instructions

Use this setup if you’re experiencing any sort of issues with the recommended setup. This setup looks virtually identical to the recommended setup however whole pages need to reload when searching, loading lessons and more.

  1. Go to “Appearance->Menus” and create a new custom link to
  2. Click “Save Menu.”
  3. Create a new page called “my profile” or whatever else you’d like to call it.
  4. Include the shortcode  in the profile page you just created.
  5. Go to “Appearance->Menus” and create a menu item which links to the profile page you just created.
  6. Click “Save Menu.