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Upgrading WP Courses WooCommerce Integration for 3.0+

WP Courses 3.0 brought some major changes, one of which is the ability to connect one lesson to multiple courses.  This required completely reworking the lesson to course connection data model which in turn made WP Courses 3.0+ partially incompatible with the WooCommerce Integration add-on for WP Courses.  Lesson restriction still works fine and you’ll still be able to sell your courses.  You just won’t be able to change lesson connections if your using WP Courses 3.0+ and the WooCommerce Integration add-on.  Fixing this so you can once again connect your lessons to courses is simple.

1. Disable the WooCommerce Integration add-on for WP Courses

Every add-on for WP Courses Premium is now contained in one add-on called WP Courses Premium.  No more quiz add-on, attachments add-on, WooCommerce add-on etc.  It’s now just one download.

So, you’ll need to first disable all of your add-ons for WP Courses including “WP Courses WooCommerce Integration” by going to “Plugins” in your admin area and clicking deactivate on the add-ons you’d like to deactivate.

Do not deactivate WP Courses or WooCommerce.

2. Download WP Courses Premium

  1. Login to your account here:
  2. Go to My Account->Downloads and download the latest version of WP Courses Premium

3. Install and Activate WP Courses Premium

  1. In the admin area of your site go to plugins->add new.
  2. Click “upload plugin”
  3. Click “browse” and select the zip file for WP Courses Premium
  4. Click “install now”
  5. Activate the plugin

4. Turn on WooCommece Integration

  1. In your admin area, go to WP Courses->Options.
  2. Under “Integrations” turn on WooCommerce.

You’re now set!