WP Courses LMS 2.0.0 Released

The WordPress plugin WP Courses LMS 2.0.0 has been released and includes many exciting new features and updates.

Profile Page

The biggest addition in WP Courses 2.0.0 is the inclusion of the robust profile page. Creating a user profile page is a simple as including the shortcode [wpc_profile] in any page.

The profile page includes several tabs with detailed course progress including last viewed lessons, last completed lessons and course progress.

Additional tabs will appear if the badge or quiz WP Courses Premium add-ons are installed. These display a list of badges and their progress and a list of completed quizzes with detailed scores and results.

User Progress Tracking

Another major addition is the ability to track all of your users progress.

Simply navigating to WP Courses->Students and Progress will display a list of all of your users and their respective progress.

In the free version of WP Courses you can see the lessons they’ve viewed, the lessons they’ve completed and their course progress.

If you have the premium quiz and badge add-ons installed, you’ll be able to see their scores and progress respectively.

Additional Updates

Lessons can now be ordered and modules managed when you’re editing a course.


Update or download WP Courses LMS 2.0.0 now to gain immediate access to this new set of features.

Make sure to leave a comment with any new features you’d like to see in upcoming releases of WP Courses.