WP Courses LMS 3.1.0 Imminent – WordPress LMS Course Creation Plugin

WP Courses 3.1.0 is maybe the biggest update yet and it’s just around the corner.  Almost every aspect of WP Courses has been updated.  Here’s what’s new:

New AJAX Powered User Interface

The main aim of this update was to revamp and modernize WP Courses user interface.  The best way to get a feel for the new UI is to view the front-end demo here or to grab the latest version here.

All course and lesson content is now loaded without needing to refresh the current page.  This leads to much quicker load times and a seamless navigation experience that feels more like an app and less like an old-school web page.

The toolbar has also been revamped with a much cleaner UI, especially when it comes to mobile views.  User profiles and lesson navigation can now be opened with the tap of a button.

Quizzes are Now Free

Quizzes have been moved from WP Courses Premium to WP Courses.  The overall quiz UI has also been reworked for a better user experience.

The quiz editor has seen some minor improvements and fixes.

More quiz options are now available.

The quiz results table has been cleaned up with an updated design and new touches like color coded quiz scores.

Quiz results have also been tidied up with a much improved design.


Those are some of the biggest changes you’ll see in WP Courses 3.1.0 but are by no means all of the changes.  Download WP Courses 3.1.0 to see all of the latest changes and why it’s considered by many users to be one of the top LMS plugins for WordPress that’s available.